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Welcome to John Michael Talbot's "Inner Room School of Spirituality," an online teaching community designed to lead you into a deeper relationship with Christ and His Church through the wisdom of Scripture, Monasticism, Community Living and the teachings of the Church Fathers.



Ancient Monastic Wisdom for Everyone

You will find wisdom in the timeless Christian monastic traditions to help you confront the challenges of daily life in our contemporary world.

24 / 7 Access to Teachings

You will be able to include your studies at leisure within your own busy schedule with 24/7 access via computer, tablet or mobile device! 

Interactive Community Experience

You will be able to discuss lesson topics as a community of fellow students who want to grow spiritually as much as you! 

John Michael Talbot Online Concerts

from Little Portion Monastery Chapel


Sample Teaching from The Inner Room

This video is a small excerpt from Lessons 6 - Admonition 5 from course "Francis of Assisi's Sermon on the Mount."


"John Michael Talbot helps us to see how a love like Francis' might live in a body like mine, wearing clothes like mine, working a job like mine. In short, he shows us how our world and we might find happiness at last."

Mike Aquilina
Best Selling Author of many books, including The Fathers of the Church

Founder and Instructor

The "Inner Room School of Spirituality" was founded in 2019 by internationally respected spiritual leader John Michael Talbot, a multi-platinum selling Contemporary Christian Music Legend, a Best-Selling Author, and Founder and General Minister of the Brothers and Sisters of Charity.

The path on which our Lord has led John Michael  uniquely qualifies him for this new ministry. His music has been called, "the soundtrack to the spiritual journey of millions."  His books, community leadership, television ministry and countless concerts, conferences and retreats have prepared him to masterfully guide your spiritual journey. 


"“JMT takes us along on his journey toward understanding monasticism.  It is a rollicking ride through history with snacks along the way.  Even if we don’t join a monastery, we can pick up some of the snacks for our own journey."

Fr. Jerome Kodell, O.S.B.
Former 6th Abbot of Subiaco Abbey - Quote from "Monk Dynasty"

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